Adventure park Mezakakis in Sigulda

Place for active recreation

7 different routes

Climbing wall

Children’s play room

Cafe for delicious lunch

Working hours


May – September daily
October in weekends, but in workdays by appointment for groups of 10 people

In the case of bad weather, the adventure park may be closed
For more information and to book the group visit call +371 67976886

The park may be opened outside of opening hours to groups with prior booking (from 10 persons). The park may also be visited in the dark under the supervision of instructor using climbing headlamps (22.00 € adult).


For 4 hours

Kids who can use only Yellow track:  5.00 €
Kids who can use Green tracks: 8.00 € (Sigulda) 10.00 € ( Riga)
Kids (up to 17 years of age incl.): 12.00 € (Sigulda) 13.00 € (Riga)
Adults: 18.00 €

(Rates displayed below give you a chance to do all activities at the adventure park for 4 hours.)
All prices are subject to change without notice at any time.

Agreement with the adventure park can be concluded by an adult (at least 18 years old). Minors can do activities at the park only accompanied by an adult.


Families with kids (up to 17 years)  
1 adult and 1 child
1 adult and 2 children
2 adults and 1 child
2 adults and 2 children
1 adult and 3 children (and more)
2 adults and 3 children (and more)
Groups of 6-15 persons -10%
Groups of 16 and more persons -20%
Students from Monday to Thursday upon presenting a student card 14.00 €
Holders of Sigulda ID card and SIA Kakitis friend card -10%
Person who have birthday or name day -20%

Adventures can begin

7 different routes

Yellow Route

Yellow route is designed for kids who are not tall (with outstretched hands reach up 140cm) or old enough to cover other routes. This route uses special equipment for kids with easy to open safety carabines. It is more like an element of amusement for kids rather than an actual need because the route is only 0.5 to 1 meter high above the ground. Parents can accompany their kids on the route by going along the obstacles and giving the necessary help and support.

Green Route

The route is set up at low altitude with comparatively short and easy obstacles, therefore it is more suitable for beginners and kids. Regardless of the aforementioned this route is mandatory for all visitors of the park before moving on to the next route as in this section each participant completes the route under the supervision of a staff member to ensure compliance with safety rules.
In this route may go when the outstretched hand can reach 140cm.

Green+ Route

This route is made slightly more interesting and difficult than warm-up or Green Route. It is suited to beginners and kids who have made it through the first route and want to try their luck at some other more difficult obstacles but cannot move on to other routes because they are not tall enough.
In this route may go when the outstretched hand can reach 140cm. To go on other routes, with an outstretched arm must be 160cm.

Blue Route

This route is slightly more difficult and obstacles are set up higher. This route is also comparatively easy and does not require too much physical effort.

Red Route

On the Red Route obstacles are set up at high altitude and require greater physical effort, courage, and sense of balance. In order to move on to this route participants should be prepared in previous routes.

Black Route

It is designed for athletic people who crave for more emotions and physical activity. On this route obstacles are not fixed too firmly and safety wires are looser, thus it is much more difficult to keep balance. The route closes with an almost 100 meter long zip line ride across Kakiskalns ski slope.

White Route

This route was made to avoid jams on the Black Route. In terms of difficulty it is a combination of Red Route and Black Route with some very difficult obstacles. The route has an interim finish so you can skip the last, most difficult part of the route. The last 6 obstacles of the course are made for those who want a little bit more challenge to test their stamina, strength, and sense of balance.
To go on this track, with outstretched arms must be 180cm.

Park Mezakakis in Sigulda

Contains 7 different routes depending on the level of difficulty. Each route starts and ends on the ground. The last obstacle on each route is a zip line ride down a wire rope with a special pulley. Blue, Red and White routes also have interim finish where you can climb down in the middle of the course. The altitude of obstacles varies in different places from 2 to 25 meters. All start, finish and interim finish points on routes are connected with walking paths with informative signs. It is not allowed to move around the park beyond the marked paths and obstacles set in trees. It takes about 2 hours for one visitor to complete all courses. If there is time left, visitors can use it to cover sections of courses they liked the most once again.

Relaxing in the Sigulda

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