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Peace and harmony are preconditions for recharging your batteries. If you want to enjoy the healing power of sauna and forget about daily rush and concerns if only for a moment, visit the sauna complex at the hotel “Kaķītis”.

The complex includes 3 kinds of saunas, 2 bubble baths, and a bar which serves drinks to cool you down or warm you up.

Private event

Sauna complex

The bath complex can be used for a private event by making a timely reservation by calling +371 29267559.

2 hours 150.00 €
Every next hour 50.00 €
10+ people  200.00 €

* Minimum booking time 2 hours

Hot sauna – 90o, humidity – 4%

Hot sauna reduces muscle tension and ensures complete relaxation. High temperature intensifies sweating thus discharging harmful substances from your body and boosting your immune system.

Mild sauna – 60o, humidity – 60%

Mild sauna warms the whole body slowly, deeply, and gradually thus ensuring renewing and healing processes of your body and creating a sense of balance and harmony of your physical and mental body.

Steam sauna – 57o, humidity – 98%

Steam sauna is a relaxation and joy enjoyed by Romans and Greeks back in their time. Benefits of steam sauna: it reduces stress, improves blood circulation, cleans respiratory system, renews your body. Combination of the sauna and warm shower has a very calming effect, whereas a combination with cold shower will be refreshing and give you loads of energy.

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