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In menu will have something for everyone – frosty skiers, tired visitors of adventure park as well as other guests who want to have a tasty meal.


We offer to take care of catering for all participants of events organized here.

Snacks during a coffee break or sauna event, substantial dinner at a birthday party or corporate event, grilled food outdoors – our cook team will satisfy these and any other desires you might have food-wise.

In the new hotel building we will serve you in a specially suited area which can hold up to 100 guests in a standing reception or up to 50 persons in a table reception. We can also arrange your event at tavern Kakitis (up to 60 persons) or organize a grill party outdoors for up to 200 persons.

Our banquet offer includes a wide range of cold and hot dishes as well as various desserts for special banquet prices. If you want something else, we will set up a custom menu especially for you.

Trust us with your concerns and ideas and our professional and friendly team will cook tasty meals for any taste and take care of service and comfort of all guests. We will do everything to make a ‘tasty event’!

Lunch and dinner:

Main course, beverage from 6.40 €/person
Main course, soup or dessert, beverage from 9.00 €/person
Soup, main course, dessert, beverage from 11.00 €/person
Main course, snacks, beverage, coffee, tea from 13.00 €/person

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